Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Logo - Done

Yeah, yahoo, yippee.
The logo for Miss Milla's is complete. After a meeting with the design team, they sent through a draft of the logo for Miss Milla's, and after a minor tweak all is complete.
Many many thanks to Claire at Red Fish Blue Fish creative for her wonderful design and clear understanding of my rambling explanations of what I wanted. She did a wonderful job and I am so so happy with the logo. On to the website next.
As research, I have gone out and brought the equipment needed to learn to crochet and also a kit to make resin jewelry. I am loving all this new craft in the name of research. Soon there will be too many unfinished projects and too many to start. And on top of all the crafty projects, i have just started to try to figure out how to use the new video camera and software on the computer to make cute little home movies in order to be able to embarrass the kids when they are older.
Hopefully there will be some great pic's up here soon, and who knows even a video link. (if i can figure it out, or how to get it on here)
til next time
xx Kirsten

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