Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swip Swap

I have just signed myself up to participate in a cushion swap.  A cushion swap, what is that I hear you say.  A cushion swap is where i make a cushion cover and send it to a random other crafter out there who has signed up to be a part of the swap.  It is a little bit a crafting for me, and having the pleasure of sending it to someone who love handmade too.
I have not participated in a swap before, and I am a little bit excited and a large bit nervous.  What if what I make is crap, or the person does not like it.  And where will I go for inspiration.  Oh… I better start looking.
Craft swaps are not a new thing.  They have been going for ages, I just have never had the guts to join in.  You too can join in here.  Go on, head there now!! And thanks to Vic for hosting.
Here are some pics of what I may use as inspiration.

Think about joining in.  It will be fun.
Til next time

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  1. Kirsten I'm in this swap too and yes it will be fun ! Who ever has you as their partner will be very lucky . I'm off to find you (stalk) on facebook now .